Viridi aiuta le coppie, che vogliono sposarsi, rispettando l’ambiente, con una figura professionale che le guiderà nell’organizzazione del loro green wedding, grazie a servizi e tecniche innovativi ed ecosostenibili, progettati su misura ai loro valori di sostenibilità ambientale e al bisogno di difendere il pianeta, diminuendo o del tutto azzerando gli effetti dannosi dell’evento.

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Top 10 on why have a wedding site

On the previous post I wrote what’s a wedding site and what’s for, but today I want you to know why it should be a very interesting choice to consider.

1. All the guest will be together

One of the most difficult aspects of wedding management and organization concerns the guests. Dealing with 50, 100 or 200 guests with different needs scares every couple. Being able to bring them all together on a single place will give you the chance to waste as little time as possible on any kind of request.

2. It helps the planning

From the simplest question “do you like salmon?” to the fateful “so, will you be at my wedding?”, the wedding website will definitely make your life easier while keeping in touch with all your guests! By conveying them under just one common roof, you won’t go crazy among thousands of contacts during the months of preparation.

3. It’s free

Sharing your ideas, your emotions, has never been so free. That’s an aspect you shouldn’t underestimated. When it comes to weddings, almost everything has an expense. Whether it’s WordPress or another platform, also a dedicated Facebook page or Instagram account, what you choose is always free.

4. It’s ecological

The wedding website can also be used as a virtual invitation for all the guests. Inviting your loved ones to the site, saving costs and paper for invitations will surely give to your wedding a remarkable eco-friendly touch!

5. It welcomes your love

Sharing your song or pictures of your travels, of your dog, will be a way to create a beautiful united family for your big day. Everything will be in perfect harmony and the wedding day will be magical!

wedding planner wedding site Donatella Wedding Italy

6. You can tell your love story

You can write and tell by video how you met, how he asked you to marry him, where you will go on honeymoon! You can also use the site to better present your partner to your relatives who don’t know him or her very well. It’s going to be a nice way to break the ice before the wedding.

7. Top customization

Communication strategies are continuously updated on the web and without any extra costs you can have a personal wedding site that will respects all your most intimate tastes and desires. You can choose its background and text color, page setting and so on. You can add slideshows, links to your Facebook page or Instagram profile. The options are endless and fun.

8. Guests will be satisfied

Anyone likes anymore paper waste and accumulation. Day by day we like more and more the web and younger guests will undoubtedly appreciate online updates, rather than on the phone or on paper. For example, if your location is difficult to trace, uploading a video or a map on the site will be very simple and extremely helpful! At the same time, if a couple of guests are coming from abroad, adding contacts and directions to help them reaching the structures that will host them after the party will be very useful!

wedding website site destination wedding planner Donatella Wedding Italy

9. It’s worthwhile

Thanks to the wedding site and your wedding hashtag, you’ll be able to have in record time all the pictures and videos that have been made. It’s also very useful for last minute updates on bride showers, bachelor and bachelorette parties and so on.

10. A Wedding Website is forever!

As your love, your promises and your memories will last forever, so the site will be! As long as you want to keep it online, it’ll be there and its usefulness will be made the most even as a virtual memory album!

So, what do you think about it?

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