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Green Wedding: what is it?

2018 has been decreed as the year of the green turning point. “The year of the green turning point”, what’s that? The word “green” refers to a set of eco-sustainable and environmentally friendly choices and actions that affect the environment in which we live in a positive way. 

If the first thing that came to your mind was “oh gosh, so many difficult words”, don’t worry! I’ll try to explain what I wrote in the simplest possible way.

Green world

Eco-sustainability and eco-compatibility can be summarized by the word “ecology”. Then, ecology can be translated into “living respecting the environment around us”. Taking up the symbolic color of nature, which is green, what concerns ecology becomes “green”.

Our nutrition and travels become green and so also our weddings. Yes, you can also get married respecting the environment! And I’ll tell you more: you don’t have to give up on anything. Don’t you believe it?

Well, thanks to the explosion of industrial and shabby styles that highlight simplicity, the recovery of old materials and the exaltation of colors and spaces with luxuriant plants, nowadays a green wedding becomes super cool!

But what’s a green wedding?

I’m a person who loves and respects the environment in which I live. Even for my greatest passion of travelling, I adopt a green lifestyle. Before my studies to get certify as Green Wedding Professional, that’s to say as ecological wedding planner, I didn’t have a clear idea of what a green wedding was. We often get very confused about what it really is and, for this reason, the first thing that almost everyone asks me is: “so you plan vegan and vegetarian weddings?”. My answer is always the same: yes and no.

Yes, because of course I organize vegan and vegetarian weddings.

No, because green weddings don’t necessarily imply being vegan or vegetarian.

After having studied and practiced the theory, I found out that the green wedding world is alternative, ethical and special.

Why green weddings are so special?

It’s something that requires an enormous sensitivity and a deep love for our planet. I would also add that it’s an extremely fancy and original choice, not suitable for those who, for example, have always dreamed of a classic and traditional wedding. Nevertheless the top 10 for a Green Wedding speaks clearly:

  1. Local vendors and local products.
  2. Seasonal menus with seasonal products.
  3. Celebrate the rite and do the reception in the same location
  4. Eco-friendly location
  5. Seasonal and local flowers
  6. Invitations, Save the Date, menu in recycled paper and vegetable ink.
  7. Re-usable or recyclable wedding favors and decorations
  8. Eco-friendly dresses Made in Italy
  9. Ecological rings made by recycled cast gold
  10. Few but good guests: less people, less pollution and less waste.

You easily understand that what characterizes at best the green wedding is being sustainable at a territorial, consumer and productive level. The fundamental principle is to support one’s own territory, local resources and the environment. Taking into account these simple suggestions, the wedding can come out as a universal celebration day: we celebrate the Happy Big Day, making the planet happy.

From a certain point of view, happiness will double!

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