Viridi aiuta le coppie, che vogliono sposarsi, rispettando l’ambiente, con una figura professionale che le guiderà nell’organizzazione del loro green wedding, grazie a servizi e tecniche innovativi ed ecosostenibili, progettati su misura ai loro valori di sostenibilità ambientale e al bisogno di difendere il pianeta, diminuendo o del tutto azzerando gli effetti dannosi dell’evento.

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How did I decide to become a wedding planner?

Since I was a child, I have always had a weakness for wedddings. I was always looking at those beautiful brides smiling at their groom with dreamy eyes. I’ve always liked their fabulous dresses that were always turn them into real princesses.

But above all, I’ve always loved seeing all those people extremely happy. No one can be sad during a wedding! Everyone’s happy, smiling and hugging each other.

A wedding is a day in which you celebrate the love between two people that commit themselves to love, respect and take care of each other forever. If you choose to rely on a wedding planner, your happiness will double.

I’m here to help you living at the top your Big Day.

How did I decide to become a wedding planner?

My story begins in the summer of the 2015.

I was invited to a wedding that made so much sensation, because it was organized by a wedding planner. Most of the invited didn’t even know what it meant. Me neither at that time, but I remember well that I said to a friend of mine: “If she can be a wedding planner, I can be that too.” and my friend simply replied: “You could be it even better!”.

We didn’t know that precisely that evening we were planting a small seed, walking on the waterfront.

The seed sprouted the following year

In 2016 I was an intern at the branch of a big company, but my tutor didn’t want me to work. I never understood why, but it made me suffer a lot. I felt useless, but a thousand ideas were whirling in my mind. During those six months of internships, I often stared at the window looking many days passing without the possibility of living them. I was surrounded by frustrated, stressed, unhappy and depressing people. Pinned to that desk, without being able to do anything, I understood something that changed my life: I wanted to work with happy people. I’m a persone made to never stop, to organize, create, plan and dream.

I looked inside myself. I thought a lot then I realized that becoming a wedding planner was what I wanted.

Perché sono diventata wedding planner?

How to become a wedding planner?

That’s the question I asked myself immediately after understanding what I wanted to be. In Italy there aren’t universities that train you for this profession, like in the US. So I started reading up, because I didn’t want to do things randomly.

Before throwing myself into the fray, I wanted to train properly. That’s why I studied at the Accademia degli Eventi in Rome, attending the course of Wedding Master Stage and Wedding Planning for Foreign Couples. Then I got certified as Green Wedding Professional thanks to Dr. Kate L. Harrison’s course, becoming the first ecological wedding planner in Italy.

And finally I managed to organize my first wedding.

Why become a wedding planner?

At the wedding of my friend Chiara, I had the confirmation of how much a wedding planner is indispensable for living a thoughtless wedding. Too often I saw her panicked and very irritated. While greeting friends and dancing, the maître was always calling her to know if he could start serving grilled shrimps or to warn her that the open bar budget had been exceeded. In short, the unexpected accidents of the wedding were interrupting her magic moments that will never come back.

That’s intolerable, but also what happens if you do not hire a wedding planner. If it’s not up to you to manage the event, it’s up to your mother, sister or anyone else! Would you like to deprive those who love you the most yourself of the fun and the celebration of your wedding day asking them to bear such important responsibilities? What if something goes wrong?

This is just an example of the thousand things that with me as your wedding planner won’t happen. I will be present throughout the whole event to coordinate and direct it to the fullest. Becoming a wedding planner means becoming the one who will realize a perfect wedding free from problems, anxieties and worries.

I want everyone to enjoy an unforgettable wedding day in our beautiful Italy.

That’s why.

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