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Stella McCartney’s Sustainable Fashion

Stella McCartney is the one who designed Meghan Markle’s gorgeous reception dress.

It isn’t a coincidence that the world is becoming increasingly sensitive to environmental sustainability. Likewise, I don’t think it was just a coincidence that many famous guests of the Royal Wedding chose to wear a Stella McCartney dress.

The pollution of our planet is reaching very dangerous limits and many people are mobilizing to prevent the worst. For example, I decided to specialize my business in Green Wedding, while Stella McCartney gave herself to Green Fashion, to sustainable fashion.

Yes, that’s right: her bags, her clothes, her creations are eco-friendly, which means they don’t harm the environment.

Stella McCartney and her Green fashion collection

It was in 2014 when Stella McCartney transformed the famous Red Carpet in a Green Carpet with her Green Carpet Challenge (GCC) collection and said:

“This collection is a huge step toward what I always have aimed to achieve, to push the boundaries and stereotypes of sustainable fashion by proving that IT IS POSSIBLE TO CREATE AND DELIVER BEAUTIFUL, LUXURIOUS EVENINGWEAR CAUSING LITTLE TO NO HARM TO THE ENVIRONMENT.”

She was the first stylist to become part of the GCC, founded by Livia Firth, and the first to show a whole collection!

Stella McCartney sustainable fashion stylist collection trendy fashion blogger green Olivia Palermo Who What Wear Song of Style destination wedding planner Italy Amalfi Coast Capri Venice Piedmont

Stella McCartney, source Shuttershock

Stella is a true pioneer in her environmental fashion sensitization and has always shown care for small details that have been exemplary over the years. She started defending animals, launching her fur-free and leather-free business in 2001. Then, she went on with sustainability, promoting respect for nature and people.

That is why since 2011 she has partnered with Ethical Fashion Initiative designing a bag line produced in Kenya called “Noemi”, a luxury brand for environmentally friendly fashion. She said she wants to support and protect workers and emloyers as well as animals to don’t let them be never exploited.

Being fashionable and sustainable is possible.

Stella also uses FSC certified wood and cellulose, natural colors to compose her creations. Her collections goes against deforestation and fight for ethical production, carbon reduction and fabrics reuse and recycling.

In fact, she declared that the best choice to work is to work with nature and not against her, in order to enrich the environment for the future, using sustainable materials. They’ve always been innovative and green produced without harmful and dangerous processes for the environment. A clear example is her Eco Alter Nappa, a completely vegetable leather. Amazing, isn’t it?

Stella McCartney sustainable fashion stylist collection trendy fashion blogger green Olivia Palermo Who What Wear Song of Style destination wedding planner Italy Amalfi Coast Capri Venice Piedmont

Green Carpet Challenge, source Harper’s Bazaar

Many other global brands, such as H&M and Gap are following Stella’s steps to eliminate pollution and waste and to ensure materials reutilization.

Let’s join forces for sustainable fashion to make the world a better place! Thank you Stella for havi sensitizated the world a bit more!

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  • 03/12/2018

    This is really amazing. Eco-friendly fashion, It is something which is really needful for our environment nowadays. This blog is a light in the dark as everyone wants to follow the trend. As you are promoting a green fashion following the latest trend, So it will make sense that we can be fashionable and eco-friendly as well. Thanks for this.

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