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Things a wedding planner shouldn’t do

Wedding planner, a blessing or a nightmare? Let’s find it out together…

During my last site inspections I met many vendors that complained about having met “fake” wedding planners. And so, as a good wedding planner, I’ve always listened to their terrible stories. Then I thought that writing an article about what a wedding planner shouldn’t do could be helpful for everybody: wedding planner, vendors and especially the newlyweds!

Wedding planners were born to be a blessing. For my wedding I will definitely hire one, because she will save me from many problems and will support me in guiding me through my event. I will choose the one that does not necessarily have a rich portfolio, but that one that will make me feel safe. However, some wedding planners usually underestimate this aspect and they often risk to create many issues.

Let’s find out the list of the 5 basic things that a wedding planner should not do!

1# The wedding planner should not impose anything.

This is absolutely essential, difficult to understand, but not impossible. A wedding planner cannot propose an imperial table without having check that the location has enough space, equipments and staff. She doesn’t have to force the couple to choose the location without swimming pool, if the bride and groom want to take a bath after cutting the cake. A wedding planner makes dreams come true, she doesn’t impose them.

2# She must not step back.

This is a point that I always like to remind myself. Sometimes we are human and we make mistakes. We trust other people too often or too little and the result always risks being negative. However, let’s always remember that a wedding planner has to have solutions for everything and must let you choose until the end. You must always stay on point.

what a wedding planner shouldn't do things Italy destination Google get married

3# She cannot improvise.

If a wedding planner organizes weddings, she can not be a florist. She cannot turn into a musician or a graphic designer. If your wedding planner does other things, be careful. The results could not be as excellent as those of a vendor with years and years of experience. In a good team, things get better! Find out here what wp can do for you!

4# She cannot work for free.

Working as a wedding planner takes time, dedication and creativity. It’s one of the most beautiful and complicated professions existing on earth. In few minutes we find ourselves fighting against a summer storm and acting as a psychologist to the bride’s father who is panicking. Above all else, however, it’s a job like any other and, as such, deserves to be paid. If she isn’t paid properly, the fruit of her lacking work can affect also the wedding.

what a wedding planner shouldn't do things Italy destination Google get married

5# A wedding planner cannot be happy of her job.

If the wedding planner suffers for lack of clarity, organization, the wedding will suffer as well. This last point is kinda summing up all the previous ones. Yes, because if you’re not happy, you can’t work well. You don’t work well, if you aren’t paid as much as you deserve. You can’t improvise to work well, being well paid, as you have everything under control. If you are well paid, you are happy and you work well so you won’t step back to anything. If you are happy, you won’t impose anything 😉

Let me know what you think!

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